Banking Solution for your
Cannabis Business

TM.G offers banking services for the Cannabis Industry that traditional banks provide to all business. We offer such services and support higher levels of personal support, oversight and compliance reporting helping our clients manage their banking and state regulatory relationships.  

Here is our best...

Banking Liaison

Along with your TM.G business manager, you’ll also have an experienced team of banking liaisons to help facilitate KYC (know your customer) due diligence, site surveys, account boarding, audit revenue, compliance oversight, and daily operating transaction reporting. 

Accurately identifying and reporting financial and compliance risks and opportunities is what we do daily for your Cannabis company.

Compliance and Risk Management

Governance, risk management and compliance are the umbrella terms that cover an organization’s operational foundation. 

TM.G provides a complete compliance program performing; full audits, compliance assessment of daily transactions and evaluation of legacy cash. 

We are trusted by the Cannabis Industry

Let TM.G work for you and help you through state and federal regulations and ensure compliance, safety and security

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